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STACKED - Community Challenge Project

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Hey everyone! The idea of STACKED is to reinterpret any map or your choosing, if it were to be built upwards! Needless to say, GZdoomBuilder would be most helpful here as you can see the 3D floors as you edit. Included here is one map by me, an ENTRYWAY... eh, entry, to kick things off. Worst case scenario, this remains a standalone map. But even a handful of entries can make this into a more comprehensive WAD. Each map is meant to be played from a pistol start.


For now, the only resource pack is a modified "Doom 1 textures in Doom 2" pack (I added the Doom 1 lift flats), but down the line I'll take a conservative approach to new things; a Doom Eternal 'gargoyle' baddie for instance would essentially function like a flying imp and take on a combat role specific for the vertical nature of this WAD.


The levels don't necessarily have to correspond to the order they appear in Doom 2, and in fact you're free to combinify two levels into one if you choose! Dead Simple may be TOO simple, for example, so you may wish to find a way to incorporate Doom 1's Fortress of Mystery (another map that's simple by itself) to coexist above or below the Dead Simple space. The ending to the provided map actually could have incorporated Underhalls, now that I think about it!







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From the screenshots looks cool, but I don't quite get the aim of this project... We have to remake maps vertically?

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wow, i like the idea! i cannot map, but i hope that other people will join, i'd like to see at least an eposode made in this style.

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