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Sir Hattington


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Hi. One of my favorite live streams from Vargskelethor Joel is this

one, about playing a bunch of doom WADs on an old 90's Doom level CD (you can get the CD here.) And at 10:40 he plays a WAD named die.wad, You can see it's a bit more than amateurish. But I thought it was pretty funny, so I made a "fixed" version, although this fixed version doesn't really fix the level, it expands on the stupidity of the WAD, I just gave it some sort of gameplay, while keeping the charm of the level. You can download it here (also comes with the original die.wad)


The real reason why I made this post is about the origins of die.wad. When it was created, it's author, etc. (The level CD had READMEs for most of the WADs, of course die.wad was one of the few without a README.) I wanted to find out as much information as I can about the WAD, so the first place I searched was the idgames archive, and I did find a die.wad, but it was not the die.wad I was looking for. So I searched in multiple search engines, but the only result I got related to what I was looking for was this

but it did not give me much more information about the WAD.


So I'm asking you, members of the Doom community, if you have any information on this WAD. I would appreciate it.

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