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The Bug

HELP custom projectile not aiming up or down with freelook or autoaim

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  Radius 2
  Height 2
  Speed 1000
  Damage 10
  Decal Bulletchip
    DARG A 1 Bright
    DARG B 8 Bright
    DARG C 6 Bright
    DARG D 4 Bright




This is my DECORATE code of my projetile it doesent aim up or down



  ACTOR NerfGun : Pistol 1111
     Weapon.SelectionOrder 1900
     Inventory.PickupSound "misc/pistol"
     Weapon.AmmoGive 4
     Weapon.AmmoType "Clip"
     Weapon.AmmoUse 1
     Weapon.SlotNumber 2
     AttackSound "weapons/pistol" 
        NERG A -1
        NERG A 1 A_WeaponReady
        NERG A 1 A_Lower
        NERG A 1 A_Raise
        NERG A 3
        NERG A 4 A_FireProjectile("DARG")
        NERG A 9 A_PlaySound("weapons/pistol", CHAN_WEAPON)
        NERG B 9
        NERG C 9
        NERG D 9
        NERG E 9
        NERG F 9 A_OpenShotgun2
        NERG G 9
        NERG H 8 A_LoadShotgun2
        NERG A 9 A_ReFire
        Goto Ready
        NERG B 9
        NERG A 9
        Goto Deselect


And this is the code for the weapon

Can you guys help ?

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1 hour ago, The Bug said:


Basicly i cant hit enemies that are higher than me with my custom projectiles

Even if i shoot up with freelook it will hit the enemies in front of me

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Speed 1000 is far beyond what the engine can safely use. You're supposed to use FastProjectile for missiles with a speed greater than 60 -- and when you reach speeds of more than, say, 300 I think even fast projectiles will start to fail. You should just use hitscans if such a ludicrous speed is desired.


As a reminder, vanilla Doom projectile speeds are:

10: imp fireball, cacodemon fireball, revenant missile, icon of sin spawn cube

15: baron/knight fireball

20: rocket, mancubus fireball, also imp/cacodemon/baron/knight projectiles in Nightmare! mode

25: plasma, arachnotron plasma

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