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my first WAD

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I haven't played your map, but there is still some feedback I can give on how you should present your works on this site, so more people can notice it:

-include screenshots;

-explain how many difficulty settings are implemented;

-how long it is to play and how long it took to build;

-since you tested it using an advanced port, does it need jumping, mouselooking and things like that;

-how many maps there are;

-mention any particular theme the levels might have.

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A few things:

- for my taste the lighting is much too dark

- you should use texture DOORTRAK at the sides of doors

- that wall that opens by shooting is not really obvious


I liked the tunnels in that "Hell-part" of the map, though.

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The start of the map was a good attempt but sadly melts down fast into a fairly mediocre map.

For one, the map lacks much in the way of lightning. This is fine if you want a horror themed map but personally, I think a few more lit areas would help a little.


Two, the map goes from a cool Wolf3D map to some terrible hell level fast. The biggest problem with this is how jarring it is.


Three, the gun doors aren't obvious and some players may not even know to shoot at them. Its fine to sue the gun-door mechanics for secrets but for level progression it's generally advised to not utilise such a mechanic unless it something like "shoot this button over here!"

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