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Doom - The Blood Feast: A 13 map hell-based WAD

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This WAD is for use with GZDoom.

Jumping is unnecessary, and while freelook may be useful in some areas, it's not required.

It uses the DOOM II Iwad.


Featuring 10 main levels (MAP01 - MAP10), a boss level (MAP11), an epilogue level (MAP12), and a secret level (MAP30). The secret level is accessed through MAP04.

The plasma rifle, super shotgun, chaingun, and rocket launcher have been reskinned. There is a new type of imp with a white reskin.

Generally, the difficulty is not very high but there are some particularly hard areas.

All of the levels take place in hell.


Story: After the events of DOOM 64, the Doom Marine has been captured by a demonic cult known as the Blood Feast. After a while of doing nothing in particular, the Marine decides to escape and begin a mission to destroy the cult and its leaders.











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