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Doom GBA in 9:15. 8 minutes is now possible, 2020 developments continue.

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Attempts for an 8 minute time for Doom GBA Any% are being played now.


It's finally reaching a possible final barrier in minutes for this game. Without further OOB discoveries, or a new route for health to save even a few seconds, the game will likely not be able to go below 8 minutes on a real cartridge. I've been playing the game again to very good results. I was able to play six runs in a single day, that all finished in under 10 minutes. I played more 9 minute times in one day then I did all of last year. If I can keep it up, we could see the first 8 minute run very soon.



Sum of Best 8:39



Current/Best in RTA segments.


E1              Lost time

8s / 8s       

24s / 23s         1s

36s / 36s

21s / 19s         2s

33s / 31s         2s

31s / 28s         2s

42s / 42s

25s / 24s         1s



33s / 23s        10s

20s / 20s

19s / 18s         1s

26s / 26s

38s / 35s         3s

18s / 18s

17s / 17s



9s / 9s

25s / 22s        3s

13s / 13s

11s / 11s

15s / 14s        1s

48s / 46s        2s

18s / 16s        2s



Former WR 9:33, played at AGDQ 2020.  :P

3 months have passed since the 9:33 World Record. The record was achieved January 8th at AGDQ 2020, in the practice room. Would like to extend thanks to the folks who congratulated that time, as I really thought it was a retirement time for the category. Pushing times past the emulator times took a whole year of research into making real hardware as fast as it could go with lag reduction, it took a long time to happen. To all the folks I met and hung out with during the event, I hope to meet you all again in the future at other events!

I was away from the game for February, but as the IRL world has closed, I've had a lot of time to invest into the game once more. The 9:33 became the first Real Hardware time to beat the emulator time set on January 25th, 2019. For about 3 weeks, I was unable to get close to the kind of times needed to get even below 9:50. I was letting the game sit, would try one day a week for 2 hours, and go away for a week.

But I finally said no more. 8 hours of attempts for this one. Incredibly, less then 20 seconds left for an 8 minute time is what the 2020 any% attempts have resulted in. 8 is very possible to see in 2020, but will be difficult. We stand at 8,194 resets. It could happen before 10,000 , or it could take 20k. I want to keep trying to max it out, and finally just tie a sum of best time. But thats the fun of speedrunning, just when you think its over, a shiny new strategy shows up thats been in front of you for 20 years.

The episode one played in this current full game record, was the fastest ever played. The E1 beat a 3:52 time, set over 8 months ago.. It took me over a half year to save 8 seconds in the first 8 levels. Thats the kind of needle in a hay stack run we are shooting for, but consistency grows with overall average runs. I have been finishing runs out, even if behind, to practice and get better results for when it matters.


Really been appreciating the folks coming out to the stream and chilling out while the runs and resets happen. I get a good first half of the game to talk with the chat, and I take a 5-10 minute break every hour to stay healthy and stand. Good time to talk with folks, go over any questions someone has about the game, and keeping those happy thoughts (as we say on stream).

The games largest time saves now are getting back into the level first try every time (missed only a few) and all the enemies not getting in the way. I'm dubbing this category the 'Super Mario Brothers of Doom', because the reset chance is so high for the lowest possible time I can go for. I want it. Even if it takes 20k resets. lol.




Edited by Alexo : 933 video link

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