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Me and my friend made a Deathmatch mappack

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Super Double BOOM Deathmatch Pack (of DooM) v3 (fixed some bugs and did some things)


Made by @Corcho4433 and me.

This is a DOOM II 8-level Deathmatch pack, some maps made by someone who makes maps all the time, and some by a beginner mapper.

This is a project we finished in some time (i dont remember) and we did it to make Corcho4433 get better at mapping, and we decided to release it to the public.





Tested with GZDoom but its very vanilla (made for ZDaemon)

Freelook is optional, as well as crouching and jumping.

The IWAD used is DOOM II

8 Maps in total, some with custom MIDIs and some without. No custom level names. 

These maps range from small to really small.

Please read the .txt file in the folder of the WAD.


Thank you for reading this and we hope you enjoy this mapset.










Edited by Tor1zo : im sorry forr editing this often im doing some bugfixes and when i fix something another bug comes up

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