WARNING Before playing: This wad is supposed to be the definition of edgy. If you don't like edgy stuff, than, by all means, do not play this.   DOOM Recalled is a gameplay mod that focuses on improving the monsters and weapons from 90's to today. This is a more edgy DOOM experience for DOOMers that are looking for just violence. "How?" You may ask. Let me tell you, when you startup DOOM, press the "Save Game" option on the bottom while at the title screen, and you will see what I mean. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that this is compatible with Chocolate DOOM, which is the main function here.   There will be 2 options. One will be "RecallDOOM" and the other will be called "RecallPostal". DOOM is the D4V palette, just a bit darker. And the other is a Darker, more serious ColdPal palette. Both change nothing but the palette. This mod also has music from D4V. However, when you go the Map04, or the final level in NERVE, instead of Harbinger, it is the DOOM 3 Theme! I am also thinking of adding some of the DOOM Redux songs, which is this: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=64443. and also, if any is made, a midi rendition of "The Only Thing They Fear Is You" from DOOM Eternal, if any is made. The enemies also changed, and I will tell you what monsters changed.   Baron of Hell: The original was just a Hellknight but stronger. Sadly, these shoot Lost Souls at the player! Don't worry, though, as the Lost Souls have 50 health, which is usually a single shotgun blast. Also looking for new names.
  Archvile: More like the DOOM Eternal one. Instead of the stupid hitscan move, they summon, usually 3-5 lost souls. They still resurrect demons   Chaingunner: Instead of a continuous hitscan move, they have a projectile move. They shoot both Imp Fireballs AND CacoPlasma!   Credits are in the README included. Download it in the link below this text. Here are some screenshots.
DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/cdtabcpmmm533na/DOOMRecalled.zip/file   SCREENSHOTS:
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