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Help making a companion pk3 file into a wad

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       I am super new to this topic and I need help with this. I want to be turned into a wad because I want to play classic Doom with this wad, mostly because my computer runs Doom 2 better by itself rather than on Gzdoom and Zdoom. Any help would be appreciated.
(Also I've gone through this and for some reason there is NSFW stuff)

Isabelle In Doom.zip

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First off, you are not supposed to directly link the download to the mod if it isn't yours. Telling people what to download and/or linking the mod to its official (ZDoom forums) development thread should be enough.

Second, try LZDoom - it's meant for potato PCs.

And unfortunately, most Doom source ports don't support bots, so your request is unlikely. The closest thing you can get is someone porting the assets to something like the Eternity Engine or MBF.

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46 minutes ago, Sebby113346 said:

Ok. Thanks for the advice! By the way what is a bot. Like a cpu? Or an enemy?

Oh, sorry. I meant a bot, as in an AI coop player (or friendly CPU)

In vanilla-oriented ports, only MBF supports these, in the default form of a dog (in keeping with the port's name)
You can check out how a companion dog behaves in battle below. With some sprite tweaking, this dog could "become" Isabelle. (obviously not as advanced as the real counterpart)


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Is there a way to make it spawn automatically? (i think i spelt that wrong)

Also whenever I spawn it, it attacks me. What do I do?

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On 4/13/2020 at 8:25 PM, TheNoob_Gamer said:


So I've replaced the frames and everything but I can't find out how to edit the Dogs properties (i want to make it friendly automaticly)

This is what I have so far:

(Thank you for putting up with me)


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