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How does anyone feel about the throne from Bloodsea Keep?

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Like, people know about the TNT Truck in map 19 of TNT, but another sector object i think is neat is this one, from one of the Master Levels.

Bloodsea in general is an interesting map because it resembles a castle in an ocean of blood and is part of the Calab series (from Sverre André Kvernmo), with its own lore about a Cyberdemon turned into a Doomguy and his revenge against those who betrayed him.

Only some of those Cabal levels were in the MS, of course.


In some way, it looks odd because it uses textures more associated with city buildings but with enough imagination, we could see it as a different material. (or maybe it was in fact build with parts of city skyscrapers that Hell destroyed)

It looks big enough that i can see a Cyberdemon sitting on it and somehow not complaining about back problems because while it could be horribly uncomfortable for humans, it'd probably be the opposite for demons, at least royal/bigger ones.


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It's the throne that was waiting for me the whole time :D .

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I think, these days such sector art is called "Doomcute". I think, this throne is great and perfectly contrasts with red brick marble wall. I can see bored demon resting his head and waiting for Doomguy to entertain him. Those pillar skulls are nice touch too, it works as danger, wealth and power sign, making other demons to show fearful respect towards throne owner. Of course, through years this place got dirty and this seat became dark, but it never lost its magic. Every demon wishes to own this throne and many demons died for it, only to reincarnate and repeat the same fate and thoughts all over again. 

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It's very classy , very nice use of that texture.

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