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Minor DEHACKED string bug with doom2.exe

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I edited the string "(press y to quit to dos.)" It's causing issues with one of the random messages though and I can't figure out why -- I don't think those can even be edited. It works fine in Chocolate Doom:





But this is what happens with doom2.exe in DOSBOX:





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Posted (edited)

Just after posting this I managed to fix it. The string in question is originally 29 characters and my replacement was 27. Apparently by padding the text with spaces on either side and making it the same character length it solved the problem. I'm not sure why it happened in the first place, unless it has something to do with how the original DEHACKED did its patching.

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In rare fringe cases, the vanilla engine flips out if the number of characters in a string isn't the same, but only sometimes.. Good job figuring it out.

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