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Are there map editors with portal layer visualization?

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Are there any level editors which let you see the linked portal overlays (as available in Eternity and GZDoom) overlapped as they are going to appear during the game? I'm asking because designing maps with linked portals is made difficult because you have to draw each layer in a separate area of the map, and you need to mentally guess the location of other layers, to avoid space overlaps in-game. A visual help in the editor to let you see where the linedefs from other layers will appear relative to the currently selected area would help greatly. Basically I'd like to see in the editor the shaded lines from other layers in the same way they appear in Eternity and GZDoom when using the automap.

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Given the only editors out there are UDB, DBX, SLADE, and Eureka, the answer is easy to find for oneself.


It's "no".


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