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Chasecam/TP camera problem [ACCIDENTALLY SELF SOLVED OOPS]


I know I've asked this question ~1-2 years ago now but I'm struggling to get a decent third person camera working. The code I used in TMoD 3D Adventures for what ever reason freaks out and doesn't work if I try to use it in my new project. I then decided to give ZombieKiller's chasecam a go again but the issue is, the script never activates. I see in "cvarinfo.txt" a "chasecam_active = false;" line and tagging that as true does give the third person camera but I can't turn at all. I'm stuck facing the initial direction I moved in from map start. I know GZDooM IS loading ACS scripts since the double-jump script runs just fine, so I'm not fully sure what I'm doing wrong.


Anyone got a method that simply allows me to just brute force load the default chasecam from GZDooM without having to type in "chasecam" every time I load DooM?


Apparently the TMoD 3D Adventures code decided it wanted to work now... what >_>

Edited by DynamiteKaitorn : Spontaniously working code magic?

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