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Doom Builder movement is choppy

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I've been using doom builder 2 for a few months, but now when I go into visual mode, when i go forward, my movement isn't smooth. Instead it's choppy and slow, its like pressing forward in Dungeon master, where you teleport ahead instead of just smoothly moving there. can someone help? 

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First thing to try is restart your computer.


Second thing is to try without other programs running. For me, it gets choppy if I have music playing or another 3D application running.

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Well, you are clearly lagging. 

This is a problem that occurs because your PC can't handle the program properly. 

Check if you have other things opened with the editor at the same time and close them. The most probable thing, however, is that your map has became too large to be loaded smoothly in the visual mode (maybe you are in a densely populated zone, or in an heavy detailed area). Check if the editor has the same problem even without anything else opened and with a new simple map.

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I'm pretty sure you can turn down the specs of the 3D mode as well to get it to run smoothly on weaker hardware. Reducing draw distance might help reduce the stutter.

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Too bad that the Doombuilder2 forum was taken down, 
codeimp gave the reason for the slow down there, many moons ago.


From what I recall, there were two types of slowdowns. 
One occurred due to some line in code not working correctly, which was fixed by boris.

The other was that the DB2 internal timer went out of sync with the Windows OS timer.

The longer you left your computer running, like days, the worse the slow down appeared.

The cure was simple: reboot your computer.


That being said, nowadays it would be best to use Ultimate Doom Builder.
Not only is it more robust, but also has many, many useful features added. 
Some features may be slightly different to use, but the differences are 
quickly overcome. The most noticeable difference will be in the Visual Mode. 

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