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Egg Boy

Over Easy (2 Limit-Removing Speed-Maps!)

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I played the maps. The first map was aesthetically pleasing and the encounters were quite good. My only real gripe on this one is the vile at the end which seemed rather inconsequential. For the second map, the premise is quite good with the Cyberdemon. I found that killing it early had no real repercussions when I got to the end as there were piles of rocket ammo. I think if you got rid of all the rockets it'd have some sort of effect on the player, because I think that was the intention anyway, to let the cyber live to use him later. You can also SR50 into the cell ammo from the start, and the plasma rifle. Not sure if intended.

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FDA below.

Much better than your map for Going Nowhere Fast, the enemies pose as threats instead of filler and the usage of stock textures is fantastic.

It's highly impressive for maps made in one day, you made so much with such little time and little enemies, MAP02 has killed me multiple times and MAP01 almost killed me a couple of times.

I must admit that I was fooled by the title of the mapset.


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Jumping onto the FDA train



-skipsec 280 for successful attempt

An all around solid level. Good use of stock textures, good architecture, a nice looped layout, and good enemy placement. It took me a couple tries to get going due to some unlucky damage rolls, and one revenant refused to die to my chaingun, but it was an all around a good romp.



-skipsec 135 for successful attempt

I'm seriously impressed by this. It's got a better layout, genuinely great texture usage, some neat setpieces, and some good challenge to top it off. Definitely better than the first level, though I think both are great.


Oh, and Map02 has a HOM on linedef 1263.



Edited by Spie812

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Thank you guys so much for all your feedback! I've updated the file but only with a two small fixes, I'm not really interested in updating this WAD since they're speed-maps. But I have made the following changes to map02

-HOM at linedef 1263 has been fixed.

-Platforms with plasma rounds on them have been raised to prevent early access.

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Two UV FDA demos, for pistol start. I got two ghost monsters in MAP02, a Spectre and a Revenant. I recommend making it so that the door that caused this doesn't close after picking up the key.



Died in MAP02 with 72/80 monsters killed; tried to get the Hell Knights at the end to infight with the Cyber, but I hadn't seen nor heard the Spectres behind them with all the rockets and Hell Knight grunts going on, so one took a big bite out of me... Crispy Doom's Spectres really are annoying...


Edit: Oops, forgot to put my thoughts on the levels here:

Pretty, sweet and short levels, impressive for speedmaps. I like the arena-like layout and the symmetry, and the overall gameplay was fun and minimalistic.

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