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I need a person who can make a DOOM 1 Ending screen, and maybe a person who knows midi.

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I just had a great idea for a vanilla gameplay wad called "DOOM Recalled", which you can view and download here.

The idea is that, when you beat the game, you see the end text screen, which has ambience. Then, out of nowhere, when it switches to the end screen of DOOM 1, the same ambiance continues, but then, after 1 second, BOOM! Metal starts playing. However, I am not very good at making graphics, as you seen with Edgelord Mayhem, AKA Doom Lost Sin. Thus I am asking if anyone knows a good DOOM 1 ending screen or if anyone can make an Ending Screen. It can be anything that kinda has the same charm as the DOOM 2016 Cover art. And, I may need a person who can make midis. The midi can be what you want, just an ambiance. The other one (the one replacing D_BUNNY) may be tricky. It needs to have the first second or first 2 seconds of the same ambiance midi, the transition from ambient-to-metal can be a rise shrill, like the Mick Gordan version of At DOOM's Gate, or anything that sounds great. After the transition, anything goes!

NOTE: If you want, you can be credited either in your DOOMWorld username, or any other name you want. Probably the former.

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