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Give Me Ya Pretzels

Plutonia Revamped 1.9.7

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hi, its been a while, but this is my best mod yet! I hope its good because I been working on it since early march of 2020. it has 3 episodes with no connection. has 27 new weapons which are satisfying to shoot. weapons have actual recoil. weapons have realistic sounds and are powerful. the first episodes are the episodes the IWAD your using already has. the second episode is a episode with levels from Final Doom Plutionia Experiment but they are edited to be a bit more fare, have a different theme, add new enemies, and (sometimes) have a different way of completing them. like the level "Well Of Souls" was changed into "The Utah Copper Mine Siege", in the new level, the well was changed to a sniper tower and you ride a elevator down into a mine shaft. 


Loadouts and Their Starting Weapons:

Doomguy loadout: play the old fashioned way, only a pistol and your fist. Weapons: Beretta M9

Brutal Doom-ish Loadout: Not the best Loadout, but has a more classic-ish way of playing. Weapons: Doom Rifle, Beretta M9

Heavy Gunner Loadout: your the slowest, but can provide excellent suppressing fire. weapons: Stoner 63 LMG, SCAR, M1911

Rifleman Loadout: you may not have the best damage dealing, but your going to be accurate. Weapons: ACR, MP5, M1911

Special Forces Loadout: you will be fast, but not accurate, but will have better weaponry than Lightweight. Weapons: XM8, Mini UZI, Beretta 93r

Sharpshooter loadout: You will have powerful and Accurate Weaponry, but your not that fast. Weapons: G3, MPL, Glock 17

Damage Dealer Loadout: you're fast, deal a lot of damage, but your not too accurate. Weapons: AUG, FAL, Glock 17

Lightweight Loadout: you are the fastest, but have the lowest damage dealing weaponry. Weapons: M4A1, P90, Skorpion


weapons: Beretta M9, Beretta 93r, Skorpion, Glock 17, SPAS-12, MP5, P90, MPL, M4A1, ACR, AUG, XM8, GALIL, Remington R5 RGB, FAMAS, AK47, FN F2000, G3, SCAR-H, FAL, Super Plasma Rifle, Handheld General Dynamics GAU-19/A, M60, Heavy Plasma Cannon 9000 (HPC9000), Stoner 63, FlameThrower, Cool Explosion Launcher (actual name)


Credits: ID Software, HellcattX, YukesVonFaust, Jdredalert, Skyrish10, torridgristle, ElectricPulse, Crudux Cruo, Midiworld.com(for music), AIRSOFTSTATION(for SCAR spawn sprite), insurgency.wikia.com(Galil Spawn sprite), VGMusic.com(for music), Shiga95, madmojo, wildweasel, Captain J, lobotamy software, breadbagfly, Uboa, Doomguy5th, lolo_is_cool, JoeyTD, Captain Toenail, TNT Team(for the orignial levels)


link to download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/04crzpdnbpuvpd1/Plutionia Revamped.1.9.7.pk3?dl=1

whats new:

1.9.7: I completely forgot to add the link to this version for some reason. why the heck did I that? anyways: UAC DEE model 2 is not dropped anymore, added a new enemy which drops a new shotgun, the AA-12 (shoots full auto), added new enemies, there is a new supershotgun and the SMGs are dropped by an enemy, and the pump shotgun shoots faster.

1.8.7: changed the the new level's name to make it more clear on what to do and made the Galil be in slot 4

1.8.6: changed up loadouts, added Doomguy loadout, made Galil not a starting weapon and made it drop in the Rifle spawn that replaces the Chaingun, fixed the death of the laser zombie, added a new level, and made the archviles less powerful and have less health

1.7.5: made the slot 7 weapons more powerful

1.6.4: changed up classes to be more like loadouts and changed them up, as well as added the M1911

1.5.4: added shooting sounds for SMG Zombie and added new shoot sounds for Rifle Zombie

1.5.3: replaced CZ 805 BREN with XM8, replaced Czech Infantryman with Bundesheer Infantryman, added Glock 18, and made the UN Rifleman use XM8 instead AUG.

1.4.3: added Stoner 63 and changed US Marine(used MP5, M4A1, SPAS-12) to Navy Seal

1.3.3: fixed a pickup message when you get FAMAS and added SMG Zombie

1.3.2: added FAMAS, added new sounds, and made the UAC Space Marine use the Beretta M9 instead of the Berreta 93r. he was not meant to use the 93r

1.2.2: Fixed some sky textures

1.2.1: changed UAC D.E.E Model 2 to use Cells instead of clips

1.2: added CZ 805 BREN, Replaces MAC11 with Skorpion, added the UAC D.E.E Model 2, added 3 more classes, changed difficulties up drastically,  

1.1: Can't Remember


Hope you guys think this mod is great

all feedback is appreciated 


Give Me Ya Pretzels


The mod was released on April 14th, 2020











Edited by Give Me Ya Pretzels : adding updated link

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4 hours ago, Bloodskull said:

What the actual fuck is this?


A modification for the 1994 video game "Doom 2" developed and published by ID software.

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