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Doom64 (official port) have support for custom wads?

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Posted (edited)

So @DMPhobos tried a custom map i made for doom64 just to get some ideas for the next map i will do for Complexe16, i didnt use any custom textures or anything else that may break Steam official port, but for some reason the official port despite i didnt use custom textures or anything else some stuff dont works, its seems official port and doom64ex have some differences for linedef action or way to display swichtes? (or maybe the way macros works? since in the gameplay phobos show me in the official port, swichtes dont display at all and macro  didnt worked despite phobos killed all the zombies in the room (which should let the door in the green armor area open after killing them).


here is the video:


And here the wad: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cx-_AK9IyjXBf8uwwqVSNaIYjTFKXChy/view?usp=sharing


So the question here is: whats the stance for doom64 official port for custom wads? will have support or isnt just planned for it?

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Posted (edited)

IIRC @Quasar in a Twitch chat (perhaps during a Dime stream) said you could build the map using Doom64Builder, and the new port could run it without problems.


Perhaps he could give some suggestions? :)


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There are some bugs in the PWAD loading that are majorly messing things up. Already fixed internally, just a matter of if and when we can get a patch out right now.


The problem with switches is, however, a compatibility issue, because it turns out the way Doom 64 EX interpreted the switch bit flags was incorrect. Not sure what to do about it yet but I'm going to try provided we get the go ahead for further work.

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Wouldn't it be more correct for EX and the builder to be fixed if the error was in EX in the first place? Also, forgive my ignorance but how did EX work with the original maps if it wasn't interpreting correctly?

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Because the behaviour obviously wasn't substantial enough to cause a problem in the exact cases it was used in. 

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