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Diabolus Community Mapping Project (working title)

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I'm going to get right to the point, I recently finished playing Arvell's amazing single player map, "Diabolus EX". Since completing the mod in both a stealthy fashion as well as loud, guns blazing triggering every alarm on the map I've wanted to see a continuation, be it official or community made.

After speaking with Jimmy for a bit on his Joy of Mapping Discord Server, I want to try and start a collab project with anyone interested. A collection of community maps inspired by Diabolus EX... I don't have many rules... Save for the following but before i get to those, have some guidelines:

Port: GZDoom
Map Format: UDMF
Jumping: Yes
Crouching: Yes
Render: OpenGL/Vulkan

  • You can use any features you wish modern and classic alike, be they, 3D Floors, Deep Water, Poly Doors, Destructible Walls/Floors, ETC.
  • We'll be using an expanded version of Diabolus EX Textures, along with OTEX, upon recommendation of several close friends. I'll provide the expanded DEX Textures when I finish making the texture variants, you can also make your own map unique texture content, but if you do this please include the stuff you create in your map for final merging.
  • You are allowed to take content from the Realm667 Repository, I'm aware of the shitstorm that just went down, but I want these maps to be the best they can be, so outside of weapons and monsters, you are free to use whatever you think would make the map look and play better, or don't... It's your choice.


  • GZDoom can make maps look very beautiful, but not everyone has a 4, 6, or even 8 core computer with an RTX 2070 in their possession to run a map with lots of visual effects to pretty it up. Therefore, you should map for this project assuming people with potato computers will also play.


  • These maps are limited only by your own creativity, the most important rule of this project is that you have fun while your mapping for it.

Maps should play with the spirit of Diabolus EX in mind, IE there's more than one way to progress through a specific area of a given map.

i announced this first on discord and have gained a few people, but i was recommended by Bridgeburner to make a post here as well.

As of posting this topic, the current slots are:

  • MAP01 - Taken: Popguy12
  • MAP02 - Taken: DukeofDoom
  • MAP03 - Open
  • MAP04 - Taken: Braks
  • MAP05 - Open
  • MAP06 - Taken: Camper125Lv
  • MAP07 - Black Shuck 97
  • MAP08 - Open
  • MAP09 - Taken: Dieting Hippo
  • MAP10 - Taken: TiberiumSoul

[With possible entries from Agaures, and Olzhas1one]

Submission deadline has been extended until December 31st


Edited by TiberiumSoul

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the DEX textures edits are live! its not as many as i'd wanted but light glows were baked into alot of the images which made it next to impossible to create colored variants... if you guys want to take a crack at making more edits plus what I did be my guest, I'm also going under the assumption that most of you already have OTEX as this is the other set of textures we will be using. also do remember you are allowed to use your own texture creations as well.

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I mean the original map was nowhere near what i would call a slaughter map unless you count the "Data Terminal Transfer" sequences that featured large numbers of all members of the bestiary...

but sure, I suppose we could have a Diabolus Ex stylized Slaughterfest I mean the players will likely use their favorite gameplay mods anyways so take into account that players will approach this with Brutal Doom, HDest, Project Brutality, Russian Overkill, Insanity's Requiem (shameless plug), when you put down your monster selections for each fight.

also for anyone else who might wish to join... the mapping deadline has been extended to the end of the year December 31st 2020

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