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Mid-air, looping projectile sound effects


The way projectiles work in Doom, is that the moment they're fired, they emit a relatively long-lasting sound effect, and for the original levels it is enough, most if not all combat situations take place in relatively small rooms. If a projectile goes on for long enough, it will be completely silent until it it stopped by a solid surface. This can obviously lead to disadvantages and limitations; specially in long-range combat, and with multiple enemies from multiple angles, for if they're too far, the player can use only their eyes to assess if there is a projectile heading their way.


Now, how would one go about adding a looping sound effect for a mid-air projectile, preferably the same sound effect applied exactly after the projectile is fired?

Is it possible with minimalistic versions such as Boom and limit-removing, through DeHacked or something of sort, or only advanced ZDoomisms, and/or code modification?

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