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General Rainbow Bacon

Quarantine edition of screenshot games for Doom

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A long long time ago I made up some screenshot related games we could play.  I think during this quarantine we all need more things to do so I'm reviving the games.  This first one will be a "place that screen" game.  Basically I show you a screenshot, and you guys have to post which map you think it's from.  Let's find out how well you know the IWADs first before we move on to well known pwads.  


EDIT: I will tell you if you can get to the areas without cheating or not.  Also, remember you are allowed to go look around the maps for these locations. 


Round 1 : These should be pretty easy.














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If all the screenshots correspond to the same map, then my guess is E1M6 solely based on the third one, because I know you have to noclip to get outside where the sergies and imps are (:


EDIT: so the pics are much wider than what they look like here. Okay it's not e1m3 anymore, the first pic could be from the nukage in the secret soulsphere, and that's as much as I can guess. 


edit 2: i suk


edit 3: okay let me squeeze my mind one last time 


1. E1M7, it's the part a wall lowers slowly and you use it to jump on the nukage (no it isn't, but I don't remembeeeerrrr)

2. E1M1, could be exit room but I don't see the doortrak in that hole up there, but was there doortrak to begin with? You seem to have spent a few bullets to kill the imp inside.

3. Okay, please tell me that's E1M3 secret full of items next to you.

4. Wild guess, somewhere in E1M7 


I don't think this was "easy" :(

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I should have mentioned in the OP that you're allowed to go look in the IWAD for the locations.  I'll add that.  I'll also let you know if it's an area you can access without cheating or not.  You guys did pretty well.  Marn you got all of them, well done.  




The first one is E1M4 in the nukage pit after the maze.  

Second one is E1M1 looking up in the secret tunnel to the blue armor.

Third: E1M3 by the room full of items, an area you cannot actually get to.

Last: E1M7 outside one of the windows in one of the many slime areas.  


Next one will be up later.  

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E1M5, E2M1, E4M7, ?, E1M4, E3M2

I don't remember the epiaodes after E1.

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Suggestion: Please put the correct answers in spoilers for people who missed a round and want to play it fairly.


Round 2, not looking at any other post:


1. E1M6, takes to a secret 

2. Eh, E1M5? E2M1???

3. Are we still in ep1? (yes) Looks like E2M5 to me, judging by the wooden switch.

4. HUUUUH???.... E2M2 or brainfart

5. E1M9, maybe

6. E3M2


Okay now let me check the answers.


Aaaah I thought of E2M6 for the fifth picture but I thought it had blood not slime. Well, 4 of 6 right, I'll take that as a win. On round 1 I got 2.5 of 4 since it wasn't exactly the exit room of e1m1. Heh.


Round 3


1. E4M...1?

2. E4M3, I can hear that part in my head

3. Seems to be from E4 but probably isn't, I'll say... pass

4. Mmm, can't remember neither the episode nor the map slot. It's the map with the fake exit in the compblu room. E2M6, wild guess.

5. E1M9

6. E1M5, pentagram room

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I'll post the answers to both rounds 3 and 4 early tomorrow.  But you guys are doing these fast so here's Round 4 and all of UDoom and Doom 2 maps 01 - 10 are in now:  Each correct answer is 1 point.






Screenshot-Doom-20200418-204148.png (cheating required)









This is from a well known 1995 pwad.  Name the wad, map, and location for 3 bonus points.  




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Round 3:

1.  E4M1

2.  E4M3

3.  E3M6

4.  E2M6

5.  E1M6

6.  E1M5


Round 4:

1.  E2M2

2.  E2M4

3.  E3M4

4.  MAP06

5.  MAP05

6.  MAP08

7.  Fava Beans MAP03 (just a wild guess, so I don't know the location)

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Round 4:




Map06 (?) 




Bonus: Memento Mori, Map02, the finale... I think. 

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Round 4:


1. ...

2. Ohh is that the PR secret in E2M4?

3. E3M4 ahh that's inside the inaccessible blood pool and hanging barons I think

4. Doom 2, 03 imo looks like the well secret from inside

4. Doom 2, 05 though I never go on that side first

5. Doom 2, 08 when you fail at the platforming or bounce on the exit door


oops forgot the bonus, anyways "well known", "1995" and that particular texture could only mean Memento Mori. My guess is map 02, somewhere could be the secret soulsphere or the pit behind the exit, I refuse to look at the wads :p

Edited by galileo31dos01

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Okay the answers for Round 3 and 4:




Round 3: E4M1, E4M3, E3M6, E2M6, E1M9, E1M5

Round 4: E1M2 backpack secret in the maze, E2M4, E3M4.  Then moved to Doom 2: Map 03, Map 05,  Map 08.  Bonus: Memento Mori Map 02 left side of the end bridge.  



Good job everyone!  Next one will be up shortly.  This time both UDoom and Doom 2 IWADs in their entirety will be in and another bonus.  

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Round 5:












Screenshot-Doom-20200419-103854.png (cheating required for this position)




This one is from a pretty well known early UDoom episode.  Hints: Included on Maximum Doom.  One of the maps was limit removing before limit removing was a thing.  


Screenshot-Doom-20200419-104454.png (cheating required)





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Round 5:








No clue about the bonus, so I'm gonna give a wild guess: Fava Beans, E1M4

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No clue about the bonus either and don't feel like guessing :P

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Round 5:


1. Map 09, right next to a monster closet

2. Map 12, the puzzle

3. Map 17, somewhere you see a PE

4. I know that's E4M7, can't describe where exactly

5. Aaaay E2Msomething OH YEAH 5, there's the secret nukage corridors outside

6. Map 10, plasma rifle

Bonus: never played maximum doom, unless that's a map in lost episodes too? 

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Answers for Round 5:




Map 09, Map 12, Map 17, E4M7, E2M5, Map 10, Bonus: From APOCALYP.wad E1M3.  The map that was limit removing was E1M9.  Has some really big rooms that the DOS.exe couldn't handle.  


Round 6 will be both UDoom and Doom 2 again.  With another bonus.  If you're waiting to play until I throw in Plutonia and TNT you don't have long to wait. :D

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7 minutes ago, General Rainbow Bacon said:

Bonus: From APOCALYP.wad E1M3.  The map that was limit removing was E1M9.  Has some really big rooms that the DOS.exe couldn't handle.  

Well I'll be damned

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Round 6:















You guys should be able to tell which game this is from ;D




Go for it! This will be the last one with just the two main IWADs next I'll start including Plutonia and TNT.

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The bonus is from Heretic though I'm unable to place the level as I never played it :P

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