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[Forum Bug?] Notification&Forum Links leads to wrong page?

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Hey there. I'm getting this bug from time to time, but today it looked really strange.


Usually it happens to me when I'm getting notification on followed threads. When I'm clicking that "Someone commented..." I'm getting not the penultimate/last pages with new answer of user, but random page with earlier (random) answers of the same user. Like, the thread already have 50 pages and some user I'm following is really active here and I saw all his replies. But after clicking the notification link I'm getting on Page 13 (of 50!) to see his really old comment. WTF?


Today it went deeper.


On main page of forum I saw Console Doom thread called "Dissecting Sega Saturn Doom" (I'm not followed this earlier). The last answer was from user @Wesker, I'm clicking on thread and...getting the SECOND page instead of THIRD. Why?


It wasn't a big problem to me earlier, but now it happens so often so it starts to be annoying too much.


Sorry for bad eng.

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Getting the correct page 3 here.


Regarding the other issue, it seems the software tries to remember on which post you left the thread, and try to continue from there.


It might also be related to the current search function woes.


All in all, that's life, at 300x50.gif

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