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My First Map 'The Eleventh Hour' (Large single map)

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I have created a map titled "The Eleventh Hour". It translates to the last moment/last chance.

The map is in Boom: Doom 2 (Doom format). I tested the game using GZDoom.

The map will NOT require freelook or jumping but it WILL require crouch.

Doom 2 IWAD used and MAP01.

This map is designed as a single large map that should take around 45 minutes on medium difficulty. All original Doom 2 content is used (No new textures or sprites used, except for title screen). The map contains multiple secrets.

On medium the game is a good difficulty. It is challenging but not overwhelming. The game starts off easy but has a good progression of difficulty. The map can be very difficult on Nightmare mode.


The story follows Doomguy's resurrection from the grave to complete one final task. The UAC have opened a portal and Hell has invaded Earth. Your objective is to infiltrate the UAC labs in order to destroy the Icon of Sin a second time round.


This is my first map. If you do play it please give me constructive feedback. Such as your favourite part/s of the map or least favourite. Build time estimated at 100+ hours.


Thanks Lodestar.










Edited by Lodestar : Typo and fix title

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Damn, I wish I had a laptop to download! I can only play on PS4. Looks awesome! hope to see someone post it on YouTube.

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Well, I played it up just before going through the YK door.  Cybie got me.  But, up until there it was pretty good.  I liked the big theater room.  It's very plain still.  Not a problem for me, but a lot of people might complain about the simple designs.  It's also very easy unless you walk right into a cybie rocket like I did.  For your first time making a map it shows ambition.  Maybe look at some maps here to get some inspiration as you have fallen into the hallway-room-hallway-room trap a little.  Good job for a first effort though.

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@General Rainbow Bacon Thanks for the feedback. With the feedback I am getting I am learning so much. I am currently working on a new map right now WAY bigger and more ambitious. I do not have a release date, it will take months for sure but I so far have a basic layout done. Format is now in UDMF which opens the gateway to more sophisticated techniques. It wil be in an outdoor setting with the ability to explore buildings. Ancient themed too.

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If you haven't looked at the "huge map" thread that was just started recently, take a look.  It should give you some ideas for large maps.  Also, if you've ever done any drawing I'd treat a map like a drawing.  Start with your big ideas and put a general layout in Doom Builder, then build on those ideas and keep tightening it up until you have your masterpiece.  

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