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Pokemon types for the demons

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Zombie-man, Sargent, and Chaingunner- Ghost/ Steel

Imp- Fire

Pinky and Specter- Fighting

Cacodemon- Psychic...?

Pain Elemental- Psychic/ Fire

Lost Soul- Ghost/ Fire

Baron of Hell and Hell Knight- Fighting

Revenant- Fire/ Ghost

Mancubus- Fire

Cyberdemon- Fire/ Steel

Arachnotron/ Mastermind- Steel

Arch Vile- Fire/ Psychic

Icon of Sin- Dark


Do you agree?

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Zombie, Shotgun Guy and Heavy Weapon Dude: Normal type.

Imp: Fire/Dark

Demon: Dark (they bite and that'd be a Dark move)

Spectre: Ghost/Dark

Cacodemon: Fire

Baron of Hell and Hell Knight: Poison

Lost Soul: Ghost/Dark

Pain Elemental: Fairy

Revenant: Fighting/Steel

Mancubus: Fire

Archvile: Fire/Fairy

Arachnotron/Spider Mastermind: Psychic/Steel

Cyberdemon: Dark

Icon of Sin: Psychic/Dark



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Zombieman, Shotgun Guy, Heavy Weapon Dude, SS Nazi - Normal

Imp - Fire

Demon - Dark

Spectre - Ghost/dark

Cacodemon - Electric/Dragon

Baron of Hell an Hell Knight - Fighting/Poison

Lost Soul - Ghost/Dark

Pain Elemental - Dark

Revenant - Fighting/Fire

Mancubus - Fire

Arch-Vile - Fire/Psychic

Arachnotron - Steel

Spider Mastermind - Steel/Psychic

Cyberdemon - Steel/Fire

Icon of Sin - Dark

Commander Keen - Normal


Pain Elemental is probably the hardest to categorize as it has no actual attacks.

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2 hours ago, idbeholdME said:

Pain Elemental is probably the hardest to categorize as it has no actual attacks.

Pain Elemental uses struggle :D


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How do you categorize the monsters? Do you just look at the names and choose based on vibe? Or is there some kind of an abridged description for each type?

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39 minutes ago, Kut said:

How do you categorize the monsters? Do you just look at the names and choose based on vibe? Or is there some kind of an abridged description for each type?

I based my categorization based on looks and attacks. For example I gave fire type to the arch vile because of his annoying fire explosion attack thing.

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I dunno what to do with Doom monsters. Here are Heretic ones:

Gargoyle - Flying

Fire Gargoyle - Flying/Fire

Golem - Normal

Nitrogolem - Electric

Undead Knight - Normal/Poison

Disciple - Dark

Weredragon - Ground/Fire

Ophidian - Normal/Psychic

Sabreclaw - Steel/Fighting

Iron Lich - Steel/Psychic

Maulotaur - Fire/Fighting

D'Sparil - Dark(/Dragon)

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I'm not fully sure the best choice but here's a few I came up with for some of the enemies from DooM/Heretic/Hexen:

DooM/DooM II:



Former Human - Normal

Former Sargent - Normal

Former Commando AKA Chaingunner - Dark/Normal

Cacodemon - Fire/Flying (If the cacodemon DOES shoot electric then change fire to electric type)

Imp - Fire

Demon - Fighting?

Spectre - Fighting?/Ghost

Lost Soul - Fire/Ghost

Revenant - Fighting

Arch-Vile - Fire/Dark

Pain Elemental - Ghost/Flying

Hell Knight - Poison/Fighting?

Baron Of Hell - Poison/Dark

Mancubus - Fire/Normal

Arachnotron - Fairy/Dark (THEY'RE TOO ADORABLE Q_Q)

Spider Mastermind - Psychic (Makes sense since she's a mastermind)

Cyberdemon - Fighting/Dark or Fighting/Steel or Dark/Steel





Disciple of D'sparil - Psychic/Ghost

D'Sparil (the dood) - Psychic/Dark

Gargoyle - Flying (Duh)

Fire Gargoyle - Fire/Flying (Gee that was obvious)

Golem - Fighting

Golem Ghost - Fighting/Ghost (DUH)

Nitrogolem - Fire/Fighting (*insert Blaziken REEEE here*)

Nitrogolem Ghost - Fire/Ghost

Green Chaos Serpent - Dragon/Fire (GEE WHO SAW THIS ONE COMING!?)

Iron Lich - Steel/Fire?

Maulotaur - Fighting (possibly fire/fighting)

Ophidian - Poison

Sabreclaw - Fighting

Undead Warrior - Ghost/Fighting (both versions)

Weredragon - Fire/Dragon  (GEE WHO SAW THIS ONE COMING!? X2)




Affrit - Fire/Flying

Green Chaos Serpent - Fire/Dragon

Brown Chaos Serpent - Poison/Dragon

Centaur - Dark/Fighting

Death Wyvern - Dragon/Flying

Ettin - Normal

Heresiarch - Dark/Psychic

Korax - Dark/Dragon

Reiver - Ghost

Slaughter - asshole Psychic/Fighting

Stalker - Water

Stalker Boss - Water/Poison

Wendigo - Ice

Menelkir - Dark/Psychic

Traductus - Dark/Fairy (closest one I could think of for holy)

Zedek - Dark/Fighting


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I'd say most if not all would be Dark type to some degree, exceptions would be caco (Elec/Fly or Fire/Fly), archie (Fire/Psych), lost soul (Fire/Fly), revenant (Fire/Fight), the arachnotron (Elect/Steel), and manc (Fire/Steel). Most would be pure Dark (all former humans, demons, spectres), Fire/Dark (imps, hell nobles, maybe PE because it shoots lost souls), or Steel/Dark (cyber and SMM). Ghost monsters would of course be Ghost and whatever would be the more appropriate dual type.

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Former Humans - Normal
Imps - Fire
Revenants - Normal/Steel
Mancubi - Fire/Steel
Arachnotrons - Steel/Electric
Demons - Fighting
Spectres - Fighting/Ghost
Cacodemons - Flying/Electric
Lost Souls - Flying/Fire
Hell Knights/Barons - Dragon*
Arch-Vile - Dark/Fire
Pain Elemental - Dark/Flying
Cyberdemon - Steel/Dragon
Spider Mastermind - Steel/Psychic


*Because in the Pokemon games, Dragon frequently has fire-breath attacks except that they're in a viridian color palette. The type also has delusions of grandeur as to how "regal" it is.

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  • Former Humans: Normal
  • SS: Normal
  • Imp: Fire
  • Demon: Normal
  • Spectre: Ghost
  • Revenant: Fighting/Dark
  • Cacodemon: Electric/Flying
  • Pain Elemental: Fire/Flying
  • Lost Soul: Fire/Ghost
  • Keen: Psychic
  • Hell Knight and Baron: Fire/Dark
  • Mancubus: Fire
  • Arachnotron: Electric/Steel
  • Arch-Vile: Fire/Psychic 
  • Cyberdemon: Dark/Steel
  • Mastermind: Normal/Steel
  • John Romero: Ghost
  • Doomguy: Normal/Fighting

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Based on my out-dated knowledge of Pokemon and relative logic, I'd view the Doom II enemies as...

  • Former Humans - Normal (they're very basic - failing that, don't give them a "type" as they're people - logically they could have an evolution chain if not)
  • Imp - Fire (pretty clear-cut here)
  • Demon - Normal (cases could be made for Fighting or Dark, but their very basic "animal" design leads me in this direction)
  • Spectre - Ghost (or Ghost/Fighting or Ghost/Dark if the Demon is one of the above - probably a straight evolution from a Demon)
  • Lost Soul - Fire/Ghost (or Fire/Flying, if you don't have them as translucent in your port of choice - argument could be made for just Fire, which I go into below)
  • Cacodemon - Electric/Flying (you could swap Flying for Psychic, as they're levitating rather than flying, or Electric for Poison if you follow the Doom 2016 lore of their projectile being psychosomatic goop. Hell, going by Koffing, Geodude or Magnemite, you'd not need to mention Flying when it's just levitation, so it could just be Electric or Poison)
  • Hell Knight and Baron of Hell - Poison (they throw slime as their primary attack - pretty clear-cut IMO. Maybe chuck in Fighting because of how ripped they are, but then you have to look at the Demon, Imp and Cyberdemon along the same lines)
  • Revenant - Ground/Fighting (Ground because they're bones, fighting because of the punching. I'd accept Steel/Fighting too, with the armoured chest)
  • Arachnotron and Spider Mastermind - Psychic/Steel (big brains and a metal chassis, plus the SMM was meant to have a psychic attack way back when... Hence the abilities in 2016. Another logical evolution chain)
  • Mancubus - Fire (I guess some Snorlax-style defence and health stats would be justified by the bulk)
  • Arch-Vile - Psychic/Fire (Definitely fire, but the "magic" aspect needs some justification, so Psychic. I gather there is a "Fairy" type now, but as I know nothing more than that, I can only speculate that it might have healing powers and therefore be worth swapping in for Psychic)
  • Pain Elemental - Fire/Flying (like with the Cacodemon, swap Psychic in for Flying if you think it's levitation they're doing (or don't include it at all). The Lost Soul spitting thing is one of those Pokedex flavour text things in this case and this would probably be an evolution from the Lost Soul)
  • Cyberdemon - Steel (It's partially metal, otherwise I'd be thinking "Normal" as it has no elemental powers to speak of)


As they're all monsters from Hell, "Dark" would probably be sufficient, plus whatever element their attack or appearance most closely approximates to as well, where appropriate

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From my perspective of things as someone that used to play a lot of pokemon before pursuing speed demos:


Zombieman + Shotgunner + Chaingunner + SS - Pure Normal
Imps - Pure Fire
Revenants - Fighting and Steel
Mancubi - Normal and Steel
Arachnotrons - Bug and Steel
Demons - Fighting and Dark
Spectres - Pure Ghost
Cacodemons - Flying and Poison
Lost Souls - Flying and Ghost
Hell Knights + Barons - Fire and Fighting
Arch-Vile - Fire and Fairy
Pain Elemental - Dark and Flying
Cyberdemon - Steel and Dragon
Spider Mastermind - Steel and Psychic
Icon of Sin - Pure Normal

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Posted (edited)
On 4/20/2020 at 5:54 AM, MacGuffin said:

Choose your starter

I feel like the dark imp should be … you know… a dark type? Also, I choose baron.

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