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DMMapsCollection (Deathmatch Maps Collection)

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This wad is a Deathmatch Map Collection, However it has only 2 maps for now.


MAP01 By HaYtReZ

MAP02 By HaYtReZ


MAP01 Requires Brutal Doom V21

MAP02 Requires DOOM II


This wad allows everything, and you can even play Singleplayer in this wad, i don't really care if you do play in Singleplayer (but i care if you don't have friends)

This wad doesn't change anything anyways, it's just maps.


Also the wad needs GZDoom Port before you play, maybe it even works with ZDoom (NOT TESTED).




MAP01: 8PZ6Ft.jpg


MAP02: 6UoOw8.jpg


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>Needs GZdoom

Are you sure it's designed for PVP? Literally nobody uses GZdoom for PVP


>Requires Brutal Doom

Brutal Doom's DM modifications are garbage. There's a reason nobody plays that shit.





Anyway, there is nothing here that REQUIRES gzdoom. Your best bet would be making it compatible for Zandronum. A better bet would be making it without Brutal Doom, but having it compatible with Brutal Doom so that way people can enjoy the maps without being forced to play with that mod. That broadens the base of players who might be attracted to play this.


The maps look pretty typical for someone just starting making DM maps. Having more distinction in texturing would help players figure out where they are easier, as well as help prevent boredom from staring at the same textures repeatedly. It seems a little cramped so you might want to think about player movement in tight spaces, especially when there is more than one player at a time.

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I assume when he says "GZDoom ports" he also includes Zandronum, though I'm not sure if Zandronum is a multiplayer fork of GZDoom or ZDoom.

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