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4/20 Doom mod

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Hello everyone! today i am proud to announce the new little joke wad i have been working on for the past week,



You play as Florida man Joe, on 420 while you sit at home and get high, the White Supremacists begin waging war on all of society. You watch the news and see the tragedy unfolding, Enraged you sluggishly grab your trusty chainsaw and pistol.







Battle your way through Doom 1 fighting off Nazi's, School Shooters, and other scum of the earth!


Works with all source ports as it is only a sprite swap mod, should be compatable with any other mod that doesn't mess with the original Doom 1 sprites.

 There isn't any sound replacement and any sprites that move is entirely from the contact high you get from playing the mod.





I would like to thank the following for there help

Dark Exodus- Nazi sprites
Cutmanmike- KKK sprites
Karasawa- Plasma Rifle/Shotgun sprites

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