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Do you have the NERVE to play this WAD?

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Hi folks! I'm Beelzebub. Call me Beel.


I recently got my hands on some Doom editing software (Doom Builder, Slade 3, the like.) and made a Partial Conversion!

It's all packed together in a neat ZIP, containing three Text files, and one Pk3 containing the game.


It's my first time, (and also my first post,) and some things were rushed, some others don't work unless you configure some things

right, but it's an attempt to learn how things work for me.


It's called NERVE, it's a 8 level (7 and one secret) Fast-Paced mini-campaign based loosely on the mixing of some aspects of

a bunch of different Demonology and Hell-type literature. It starts out easy, but gets harder. (much so.) In exchange,

exploration will yield you no shortage of resources.


You play as Caesar, (no, not Julius,) former human,

current higher demon, and scourge of the Seventh Circle. Equipped with guns, power armor, and unyielding rage,

your mission is to shoot, gut, and explode your way though the Western Arc to aid your demonic clan in

taking over Hell.


Other men, lesser men, have had the arms, the anger, but you have the Guts. You have the NERVE.


Here's a video I made showcasing the play-testing demo for some friends.

(Disregard the thumbnail.)


And also of note: Please, PLEASE, PLEASE READ THE README FILE.

I made a serious oopsie-woopsie working with the sprites, because me no know how Slade work.

To fix it, you need to (and i'll never do it again I promise,)

- Set your resolution to force 4:3

- Turn off Weapon bob

It's all in the README.


Thank you, any, and I mean any, constructive criticism is welcome.

I want to learn how to do things right, even if it is the hard way.


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Few things I wanna mention:


1 - There's already a wad named NERVE (Nor Rest For The Living I believe uses NERVE.wad as it's name).

2 - This map pack is detsigned pretty poorly with some really ugly architecture.


However, I must confess 1 god tier bonus.


This mod has a LOT of plasma ammo and as a self proclaimed Plasmaholic, I like that. :D

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Funny thing, I didn't know about N.R.F.T.L. until i was half way through dev work. I saw it, and screamed internally,

then resolved to just keep going, and forget about it.


I... confess to ugly architecture. The pride in me doesn't like how you worded that, but

I remember asking for harsh criticism. I designed the maps on scrap

paper before I knew how some things worked in IT1.

I had to redo a lot of map 3, since i was just a massive dullard about knowing

how things worked.


I wanted to make super cool "realistic" architecture which is why

you get... um... some problems.


Also I hate not having ammo.

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The maps look like you took design choices straight from D!ZONE and Maximum Doom, all the way up to the ugly custom wallpaper textures taken straight from my grandma's house. Why not study something from Scythe or even Doom 2?


The art style is non-existent, the HUD weapons are crusty JPEGs of 3D models and don't have any post-editing polish, the mugshots are non-shaded MSPaint creations.

It's lazy to have your character's iris change into a fitting icon to convey emotion, try to do it without it by shaping the eyelids.

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(just watched video) for me, weapon sprites are enough to not download. they are cartoonish, washed out, and inconsistent. why PC holds pistol in his left hand, but chaingun in his right hand? yes, you can explain this in-universe, but it is still confusing for players.


don't get me (and others) wrong, please: you did a huge work by figuring out the things, and creating a working wad. this is something you can be proud of. but now you have to do The Most Hated Thing (i believe) -- polishing. ;-) for now, your wad looks like pre-beta with placeholder textures/sprites all over the place.


but i like the idea with mugshot icons! it has the style.

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I've heard all your criticism, and come to a couple conclusions:


- I should make better architecture.

- My sprites need better work.

- Things should stay consistent.

- The art should have better quality.


I can definitely see all of that. Perhaps MS Paint wasn't the best platform for sprite-making.

Nevertheless, as people say, "If at first you don't succeed, try, and try again".


I'll be back! I'm gonna go back to the books and get some money for some better software.

(I made this in my spare time for free. I don't have any fancy sprite-making software yet.

I used free model/art making programs, which was a mistake, I see that now.)


You haven't heard the last of me, folks! I'll get lucky someday!

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1 hour ago, Beelzebub said:

You haven't heard the last of me, folks! I'll get lucky someday!

that's the spirit! keep practicing, and i believe that someday others will learn how to do great things by your wads.

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I enjoy this type of WAD so I played it.

I like the weapon sprites.

I love the intermission screens and the fact you wrote out a story.

The levels of course the easy thing to point out is the giant areas with just a few monsters, try to avoid big featureless rooms like that.

MAP05 I think there was an inescapable pit I fell in, running down to the red key door. It was annoying, but if that was a conscious design choice that's fine.


Overall I'm glad you made this and look forward to more stuff.



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