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Terrortoma (vanilla)

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Erm... did you play test this for HMP? Because I see a distinct lack of health items for a map quite quite a good few enemies near the beginning. I have this a solid few attempts but ultimately gave up since I hit a brick wall of difficulty really fast. For a kick off, there's 2 hell knights that, if you're not lucky, can block your path and screw you out of getting a super shotgun. Secondly, there's a lot going on with almost no time to breathe at all. So little time in fact that I can't tell what I'm meant to do at all. I've found a cave-ish area in the blood pit and went up the lift but then I just found more pain and less time to think. Now this may just be a flaw of me as a person, not being able to think super well on the fly but even some of the harder maps I've played from other wads at LEAST had areas of safety.


A good effort but not without it's flaws.

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I won! after much deaths.

I have a weird feeling I played this a while back, when you floated it around earlier, and I failed miserably then and gave up.

But here's a successful play-session now; a few dozen deaths before I get the exit.


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Man I so want to play your maps but each one is difficult AF


Be nice and make an easier map some time haha

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