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How do I make a door in GZDoom Builder?

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I have been messing around with GZDoom Builder for a bit and I cannot get doors to work. Every time I test anything door related it won't work. I can't find any good tutorials online which is why I'm posting here. Here are some screenshots of what I'm doing.

Pic 1.png

Pic 2.png

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22 minutes ago, Kappes Buur said:

Highlight the sector which is to be the door and press Shift+D.


See section 2.5 Making a Door of

Doombuilder: An Illustrated Guide
Version 1.2 by John W. Anderson

I got it working, thank you!

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The problem was you use W1 Door Open Stay which is a walk action. W1 means walkover and single use (non repeatable).

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