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DOOM Eternal Hot takes (Spoilers Allowed)

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Give me your hot takes on DOOM Eternal...

If you don't want spoilers, you shouldn't be in here. go play DOOM Eternal!

Here is some of my takes and opinions:

  •  Lost Souls are useless since they barely show up in the game by themselves instead of being summoned via Pain Elemental.
  •  The Marauder is balanced and is a perfect new DOOM enemy.
  •  The Tyrant's name is pointless since we all know it's a cyberdemon. It's probably called the Tyrant for continuity sake because we killed the Cyberdemon in 2016, but how we gonna make that argument when we don't even know wtf happened after DOOM (2016).
  •  DOOM Eternal would be more fun if you could do a co-op mode for the campaign.
  •  Battle mode feels empty with the limited amount of players.

i might make more takes. 

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