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Hello there! I made a (rather generic) 32-level singleplayer megawad for Doom 2. It's made for GZDoom with hardware-rendered visuals. Freelook is recommended. Jumping/crouching is necessary. The main gimmick is that the WAD uses music from various Sega Genesis games (Contra Hard Corps, Streets of Rage 2, Mortal Kombat 3, etc.). I hope you enjoy!


LINK HERE: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ofsb2b5ov62wn54/Armageddoom_V1.2.wad/file


But why version 1.2?


Version 1.0 - More-or-less a "final beta". Many graphica issues. Over 770 megabytes (don't ask why)


Version 1.1 - Fixed most graphical issues. Didn't fix the size issue.


Version 1.2 - Compressed the file size from over 770 to 70 megs. Fixed a couple more graphical issues.


I'll likely keep updating the WAD in the future.


(Not to be confused with ArmageDoom)




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Sorry to bust in with this, but the name of your wad is awfully close to ArmageDoom.


Also, may I inquire as to the reason why the wad was over 700MB prior?

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I played through a couple of levels so far and here are some observations:


At the doors you didn't use DOORTRAK and sometimes the textures aren't lower unpegged



Falling down from this tower is unforgiving, maybe you could provide some way out of the nukage, would be less frustrating:



There are some strange texture choices, like using a platform texture (PLAT1) as a door in map03...


Overall I was a little bit irritated that many areas are built like areas of original Doom 1 maps. So is this whole project meant as a loose rebuild of Doom 1 levels for Doom 2?

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The first 3 levels are more or less clones of their Doom 1 counterparts. The city and space levels are inspired by Duke Nukem 3D. One hell level is a clone of Attack from Master levels.

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I played the Baseball level. It is nicely done, though didn't have enough ammo for the Cyberdemons.


So I did a pacifist run the second time and beat the map without a single shot fired.

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