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How the hell does the search bar work on this site?

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It doesn’t seem to make sense to me. I will have it checked to search for any of the words in the search term, and checked to search within both the body and title of all posts of all time, but somehow no results come up. I searched up “Evilution” both with and without quotes. Does this mean that nobody on any thread on this entire website has ever written the word evilution? That can’t possibly be, so what gives exactly? What am I doing wrong? If I want to search something on this forum I pretty much have to just go to google and type in “site:doomworld.com (insert search term)” I have searched a lot of other words and phrases too. “Canon”, etc. with no results.  

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It doesn't.   But funny enough I've searched stuff on dogpile.com and the first results were what I was working for on here.

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