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1 Trigger (technical limitation)

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I limited myself to use just one type of trigger throughout the entire map, to see what interesting scenarios I can create and connect the map with, in the end it resulted in a nicely sizable map, I used action 22 [W1 raise floor to next higher floor (change texture)], it allowed me to raise bridges and reveal enemies gradually by raising them from the ground and have a couple of subtle puzzle sections.


Here's the map : https://www.doomshack.org/uploads/1triggerjoe.wad


Here are the guidelines I used to make the map :

- Boom format

- One type of trigger

- Exit triggers and keyed doors were allowed (two doors per key)

- Linedef actions such as "Scroll walls" and the many Boom actions such as fake floors, etc. Don't count as triggers

- No smartassing door progression by putting keys right at the keyed doors

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Cool idea, joe! Will check this out.



.... and here's an FDA recorded in EE: bob_1triggerjoe.lmp.zip


Pretty fun little snack. I died the first time under mysterious circumstances (maybe that Baron stomping around and throwing snotballs like he owns the place). I missed the key door allowance so I confess a felt a little cheated that there were keys to progress--it would have been cool to have grabbing the keys also just trigger floor raises, even though obviously that wouldn't actually require using keys. The floor raises maybe got a little repetitive because it's a slow action, but it wasn't a major annoyance. Also it sometimes got a little weird seeing enemies rise up out of their little floor cubbies. OTOH, the limitation pushed you to some creative places, like the little chaingunner floor cubbies, the multiple-raise slime floor, etc. I wouldn't hate it if this became the next 64k challenge ;)

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