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Favourite huge maps ?

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I don't think I've played a more fun map that Foursite, a 3 hours map that's overall well designed.

There is just something about digging through a map that probably took a decade to make.


What huge maps did you like ?

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Thinking about this question made me realized I haven't played or enjoyed that many large maps, but I still have a few picks:

- Eviternity MAP32

- Dead.air

- The Slaugher Spectrum MAP01

- ZDoom Community Map Project: Take II

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I will say... Eternal Doom map12: Darkdome by Sverre Kvernmo. Also map04: Nucleus and Map05: Time Gate are excellent maps (time gate its not that big).
Vile Flesh map17: Guard Towers is an excellent map, pretty challenging and atmospheric.

Suspended in Dusk map04 is outstanding i wish all Suspended in Dusk mapset could be played continuosly as one map. That would be epic.

EPIC map02: Sandstorm is amazing, i love it at first sight.

I won't spoild things, but surely someone will Misri Halek the question out, as it is the best map ever made (possibly), and its vanilla, god dammint!

The City of the Damned: Apocalypse is and excellent one map.

How can i forget about Comatose: Overdose 2 by Lainos god of realistic maps

A.L.T. map05: Sanctuary by Nomad... WOW thats a challenge and pretty big map. But Instead of just name a few, A.L.T completly is the master of BIG maps. 

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Map13 of Sacrament. It's so desolate and depressing and I love it.


I dislike Eternal Doom (not to be confused with Doom Eternal) as a whole, but Map09 is nice, having some grand, but believable castle areas.


Map28 of Struggle was pretty fun. It's so huge that there's a separate wad that adds more detail if your computer can handle it.


Maps 20 and 21 from Community Chest 4 were creative and nice-looking, even if my framerate was inconsistent. Helps that they also have a little subplot going on.


Lost Civilization is full of stuff like that. My personal favorite is the forest level.


Map30 of Sunlust is fun to just sit and stare at sometimes.


Map15 in both Whitemares are really huge exploratory atmospheric maps that use the winter theme to its highest potential within engine limitations.


That all being said, I don't really care much for colossal Doom maps unless that's specifically the point, and those are the exceptions and not the rule, for me. Music in all of these were really great and sold them heavily.

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That garden mansion map (The Harlot's Garden) in Sunder is visually beautiful (MAP32), awesome music by Eris Falling in the background. The only level in the wad that does not use a popular midi file.

Edited by pcorf

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Map 29 from Plutonia 2 = basically map 29 of Plutonia on steroids, it really feels like you are conquering a gigantic city gone to hell.
Map 09 from Preacher (the ios map): vast and nonlinear, feels like a huge satanic church complex and has a nice, epic buildup to one of the few enjoyable iOS fights in doom history.
Map 25 (Unstable Journey) from Back to Saturn X episode 2. It's gigantic and non-linear, but you never feel lost, nor bored, nor frustrated, and the visuals are top-notch.
Maps 20 and 21 from Community Chest 4: the kind of maps where you are wondering: "how can this possibly be made on a game engine from the nineties?"


Also: that space station map from Deus Vult 2.

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Good maps being mentioned here. I gotta chime in with StormCatcher.77's Infraworld: Hatehammer. Absolutely gorgeous in visuals, with some eye-catching use of midtextures and Boom voodoo script magic. Gameplay is very fun overall, but it kept distracting me from gawking at the beautiful architecture.

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Degrassi , Dholes , Drown in Blood by TimeOfDeath


Disturbia by Death-Destiny


Map 15 from Mars War by Nathan Lineback


Castevil.wad by Stanley Stasiak , Ultimate Doom map with more than 40 secrets from 1994.


Kama Sutra map 29 by I don't think it's really "huge".


5spiders.wad by ryg. I have to mention it. It's one of the most unique Ultimate Doom maps I have ever played.

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In mapsets, taking no less than 1 hour blind to fully complete blind: 


Sacrament, map 13 (owns the trophy, best atmospheric map imo)

Bloody Steel, map 06 

Avactor, every map really is gigantic and awesome and exhausting

Sunder, map 11

Armadosia, map 21, 28 (added TNT midis for maximum immersion yes)

Maskim Xul, map 02 

Slaughter Spectrum, purple map



not that huge, taking between 30 minutes to an hour blind:


Hellbound, maps 11, 16, 24 (honestly most maps are inspiring visually speaking)

Water Spirit, every map is a work of art

JPCP, map 27 (visually)

Dimension of The Boomed, map 04 

Counterattack, map 05 

Preacher, map 09 

PRCP, map 15 (although it took me roughly 1 hour because I was a noob)

Struggle, map 28 

Tangerine Nightmare, map 08 

No End in Sight, E4M6

Marswar, map 15 (although fugly, still the scale impressed me)



single maps:





... I don't play many single maps :x


Honorable mention to "Central Processing" (TNT, map 20), which was an incredible experience the first time. I'm surely forgetting of more but I want to sleep now.

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I don't know if you could consider it a "huge" map, but I like Frozen Times.

All later maps of Sunder of course, as it was said above.

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Phocas Island 2.

A big island map that you can explore and discover. It's kinda like a point & click adventure + an FPS combined. Not too hard as well. :)

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I love a lot of massive maps but the 2 that always loom largest are Deus Vult 1 and The Unholy Cathedral from Deus Vult 2. Unparalleled hellscapes

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Even though I like to build big, I don't necessarily like to play hour long maps, which is a bit ironic. From all the long maps I have played so far, I enjoyed Map 19 of Eviternity; Dehydration by Stormcatcher the most.

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I was just gonna leave this alone because who needs another jabroni spamming Miasma... (checks thread...) Ok, y'all ain't right :P 


Otherwise, off the top:




Warlock's Hearth

Rebel Sky (<--- underrated shit imho)


+1's to A.L.T. MAP06 and DoTB MAP04

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Misri Halek (AV) and Aggilus (Counterattack) are the two large maps I can think of off the top of my head.

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D2's Map13.

I don't understand why does everyone hate it so much. It's a lovely level with a lot of interesting places to visit.

Confusing? It is. But you have to explore the beautiful branching scenery and take your time. This map is satisfying for both speedrunners (the entertainment of finding and trying new routes) and completionists (so much places to visit!).

Map13 is the pinnacle of mapping, the level that channels Doom's dungeon-crawler aspect the most, and a refreshing break from the cramped corridors of D1.

If someone says "Doom 2", I will respond with "MAP13".

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I'll add:

Impromptu Minidido: A Boom-compatible megamap that has a neat concept of being constructed by dozens of mappers, similar to the ZDCMP series.

Mutabor (Map01): Recent release from the mind behind Miasma (Wait a minute, no one has mentioned Miasma yet? Y'all unreal!), boasting a complex interwoven layout and brutal gunplay.

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That I can think (and have played) of and at least as big as Misri Halek from AV:


-Wild Bleu Yonder (maybe not bigger but close...best level of the TC)

-Deus Vult I

-UAC Invasion: The Supply Depot

-Bury My Heart Knee Deep

-Jade Earth


Not played but highly well regarded massive levels:

-Last level of Lost Civilization

-New Sunder levels (mainly for aesthetics)

-Last level (plus 2nd secret) of Death in Excess look positively crazy.

-Boom Stick in the Mud

-Both ZDCMP's


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- Jade Earth

- Most Stormcatcher maps, specifically Infraworld: The Hatehammer


- The last 5 maps of Struggle (minus map30)

- Eviternity Map19, also by Stormcatcher

- Remnant

- Most of Avactor


I'm a sucker for big exploration maps.

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I'm a huge fan of large maps. My longest ones (maps that I designed myself) are ~6 hours long (absolute longest is nearly 6.5). The longest map that I've completed was Benjogami's level, "Long Road, No Turns". I did a TAS demo that ended up being 9 hours (if it were done in regular conditions, it would end up being 11+ hours). I honestly don't know what my favorite one is, honestly. 

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I'm surprised a lot of people mention Dehydration, and don't even mention Anagnorisis ( @ukiro's level) at all. ( @elend @Terminus for instance) Also elend's own level Hurt is fairly epic.


I also find Iced Sanctuary as the best @StormCatcher.77 level to date, which hasn't been mentioned. And Point of Accident by @Dragon_Hunter could use a shout too.


Eternal (the mapper) has Cybersky, 32nd Dimension, Ogdoad, and Mystery of Hell.


Outside of Struggle...Harvester's Reminescense and Kerberos Complex by @antares031

Edited by FrancisT18 : add proper level names

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