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DECORATE - Another shotgun


I'd like to create a new shotgun pickup that behaves exactly the same as the normal shotgun. I'd basically like a reskin of the shotgun, while allowing for the original shotgun in the WAD as well. I've done this, and it almost works:

Actor Shotgun2 : Shotgun
    SHOT B -1 //new sprite

The only issue that arises is during pickup. If I pick up one version of the shotgun, and then the next, my weapon lowers to switch to the shotgun, even though the shotgun is already picked up. It will do this even if the shotgun is currently in hand. Any ideas? Thanks.

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From wildweasel over at ZDoom:



If you only want there to be one shotgun, but have another one that's a different pickup sprite, you should make your new shotgun inherit from WeaponGiver: https://zdoom.org/wiki/Classes:WeaponGiver Otherwise the game will interpret this as having two different shotguns.


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