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Pixel Fiend

Do you guys have a mod that COMPLETELY REMOVES the tints?


Hi, forgive me but I have zero knowledge of modding but this element of Doom is bothersome enough for me to come here to try and ask for help.


Namely, the coloured screen tint added in certain situations RUINS the game. Not only is it hideous, it prevents me from even seeing what's on the screen. And I have painstakingly adjusted colours. 


This pesky effect that you're all familiar with appears in those situations:

- Having a radiation suit

- Having a powerup, such as berserk, quad damage or Baron Of Hell transformation


What I found is taking damage tint can be adjusted by "blood flash intensity" slider in GZDoom menu.


For clarification, I play Project Brutality on GZDoom.


Please tell me that there is a fix for that, it would be a relief.

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I haven't a clue about all that brutal doom derivative crap and what that would do, but you could do it by redefining the standard doom actors via DECORATE or ZScript and applying a Powerup Color of "none" (https://zdoom.org/wiki/Powerup_properties).


For pickups and pain flashes, I believe their screenflash is handled by the PLAYPAL lump (at least, that's how it works in older ports, not sure if GZDoom still looks at that for flashes and pain or not).

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I edited every Powerup.Color to None in Project Brutality pk3 but nothing changed in the game for some reason. With radiation suit, from what I've seen, the change might be even more tricky. I don't think there's much I can do for now. 


Overall thank you for replying, Dragonfly. I'm not a coder or anything. A bit sad to see that you speak disparagingly of the only vision of Doom I hold dear. I hope you guys are doing something equally spectacular with Prodeus.

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I don't know how Project Brutality handles this, but atleast in vanilla Doom, the tint effects (from damage taken, radiation suit, item pickups, beresrk etc.) are handled by the PLAYPAL lump (invulnerability power up is an exception as it is handled by COLORMAP lump).


I made a guide for someone in a PM a few months ago. You might find it useful. See the spoiler.


Well first of all, you need to know what files(lumps) inside the wads are responsible for displaying the colors in the game. These are PLAYPAL and COLORMAP. The PLAYPAL lump contains the 14 sets of 256 colors that are displayed by the 8-bit software renderer at a time (only one set displayed at a time). The COLORMAP lump is used to define how the colors of the PLAYPAL are used. It contains 34 maps (rows) that map colors decreasing in brightness within the PLAYPAL palette chosen at that time.


To keep things simple for now, we will just keep ourselves to PLAYPAL editing.


To begin, you need to download SLADE. It's a wad editing tool. Use this to open Doom.wad or Doom2.wad and copy the PLAYPAL lump. Now create a new wad file and paste the PLAYPAL lump in it and then save it. Once you have done the above steps, click the PLAYPAL wad and you will see this.

New Bitmap Image.png


Then you can select the colors and right click on them to change their colors. Also see the options above the colors (which are shown in the yellow rectangle). Some of these are as follows:


1) "Save" and "Revert" are used to save or revert any changes made to the palette.


2) "Palette <- 1/14 ->". This is used to move between the 14 sets of 256 colors that are used in doom. To keep things simple, just keep it at 1/14. You can use the "Generate Palettes" option just below it to automatically generate the rest of the sets.


3) At the right most are options like "Colourise", "Tint", "Invert", "Tweak","Gradient" can be used to modify the colors. You can use these to modify all 256 colors of a set or just a few of the colors by click LMB and dragging the mouse to select a few of them. Just experiment with them to get an idea of how things work.


4) Once you are done with the changes to a set. Use the "Generate Palettes" option to make the equivalent changes to the rest of the 13 sets.


Note that you can also check the PLAYPAL of wads with custom PLAYPAL lumps (like Eviternity) for reference. Its not really that hard once you get the hang of it. I learned all this just a few months ago.


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Once again it seemed like a promising solution but didn't get me anywhere, as I don't see the correlation between editing a colour pallette and making the game not display the powerup tints. Maybe, if it isn't demanding on resources for you, you could upload such tint-removing file for the Doom players who would gladly take advantage of it? 


I think that if this was an easy edit then a mod that removes the tint would have existed long ago.

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Removing tint is easy. However, note that by completely removing the tint, it becomes impossible to know when you run our of radiation suit. Also, you might not like the damage feedback.


Took me a minute to made a "no tint" palette. Try it out. It works in vanilla doom and may work in Project Brutality.


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It would be amazing if it worked! Thanks but I loaded the wad file to GZdoom, tried as source port and as external files, with project brutality and without, and the tints are as always - I tried all: radiation suit, orbs and runes. So what gives?

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