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Doom II GBA: Paint Edition Released!

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Since its more of a ROM Hack than a mod or WAD, I'm posting it here. I have finished (apart from the flats) my first Doom II GBA Rom Hack called, Doom II Paint Edition! Concept: Simple. Replaced every texture in the game with a low-definition Paint-made version. Sadly I lost the status bar faces (That's because my next hack will be the extreme opposite, and it will be called Doom II GBA HD Edition instead) so the only things changed are the wall textures.

Here is the link to the patch file (You will need LunarIPS and the original Doom II GBA Rom) http://www.mediafire.com/file/tdn11v2q3o3wr5p/DoomII_Paint_Edition.zip/file


Have fun playing with low-resolution textures I guess.

Green Walls.PNG

Paint 2.PNG


test 99.PNG


Also if you wish to follow my latest ROM Hacks or mods, here's the page for it: http://dare-game.net/Roebloz/home.html

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18 hours ago, Danfun64 said:

PC version of these textures please?

What do you want basically

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On 4/28/2020 at 10:07 AM, Roebloz said:

What do you want basically

A PWAD and/or PK3 with the textures renamed to match the PC Doom 2 names (though having a PK3 would only be necessary if you used colors that aren't in the vanilla doom palette and want to use png's to preserve them)

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