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Darkforces Wardusted 2020

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Darkforces Wardusted 2020

In 2018 I did a mod based on CEEJay's Darkforces. Because the credits were incomplete (they were a mess, so why lie) I decided to remove it from the Internet. However some people resubmitted it and even another mod has seen the light continuing with the work in a more official way.


For that reason, and because I prefer that my file remain as a private thing, only for friends, I am saying that this mod is alive only in a private form.


Special thanks to XVERTIGOX for encorage me, and Xim for the help with scopes

This modification transforms virtually any Doom or Heretic wad into a Starwars Doom, with a lot of own sprites. 


This is a private file, for private use, so i only send a link if you request me with a private message.
For the same reason, if you have the file, you don't have permission to publish any link on youtube or another place like other forums, delete it if you have an old link please (but you can send a copy to your friends as i do, in a private message of course)


Private word used x6 :-P

Edited by WARDUST : missing text

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21 hours ago, Clippy said:

What's up friend don't be shy show that map


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6 hours ago, Wereknight said:

Was it map in form of dick shaped pussy?

it's not a map, just i'm carefully

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