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Does anyone have any good sites they would recommend to get midis from? I'm looking for either classic Doom midis, midis from other games, or custom ones. Thanks.

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I'm short on time but I generally start all my midi searches by looking at Jimmy's and Eris fallings's midis.


Jimmy Midis: http://jamespaddockmusic.com/midis/


Eris Midis: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/111911-the-eris-midi-thread/


There's a tonne of fantastic musicians in this community though, Stewboy, AD_79, Alfonzo etc. Hopefully someone can come along to links with their (and other people's) works. :)

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Duke Nukem 3D, ROTT (and TNT) are my recommendations if you are ripping MIDIs from commercial games.

Memento Mori series, Requiem are good places to start if you are planning to rip MIDIs from PWADs instead. Be sure to ask for permissions first though (check the accompanying .txt files of these wads.)

Here's a list of Doom music composers (that are still active in this community) that I'm aware of; I won't mention what Dragonfly have already listed. (click the spoiler!)

  • Mr. Freeze
  • TimeOfDeath
  • Doomkid
  • Velvetic
  • Primeval
  • esselfortium 
  • Xaser
  • And many more.

Note: Some of these are very busy with their personal life, so try not to bother them too much!


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My midis (#, ##, mostly my midis). Feel free to use them. - http://www.paulcorfiatis.com/Pcorf_midis.zip



2002ADO #

Death Tormention

Doom 2 Unleashed

Doomed Space Wars

Paul's Deathmatch

Simply Phobos

Twilight Zone 2 Final Dreams

Various Pcorf Doom Midis (community projects, standalone releases and others, etc)

Whispers of Satan ## (Full soundtrack)

Zone 300


# Note in 2002ADO, the E5M1 song was not composed by me. Sam and Max Hit the Road: Highway Surfing composed by Clint Bajakian, Michael Land, and Peter McConnell.

## Note in Whispers of Satan, the wos**ka.mid files were composed by @Kristian Nebula. I have decided to include the entire soundtrack for WOS anyway. Make sure you include his name in the credits lets say if you decide to use wos14ka.mid for example.

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James "Jimmy" Paddock: http://jamespaddockmusic.com/midi-files/

Mark Klem: http://static.angryscience.net/pub/hosted/klem/midi/

David "Tolwyn" Shaw: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/93415-tolwyns-midi-archive/

Stuart "stewboy" Rynn: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_GJ_boo3GXxf_GHWy0WKSkJceJ56K0tx

Alfonzo: http://alfonzo.the-powerhouse.net/

jazz mickle: http://www.jmickle.com/doom/midilist.html

Eris Falling: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16quYXLE5ktFBnB8i5s-_V-jPXTg6sIba/view

Xaser Acheron: https://static.angryscience.net/pub/music/midi/

Ribbiks: https://www.doomworld.com/profile/12110-ribbiks/?status=1140221&type=status

Psychedelic Eyeball: http://music.themaxproject.com/midis.php

Fredrik Johansson: http://fredrikj.net/music/

Bjorn Lynne: https://www.lynnemusic.com/midi.html


A list I stole off Discord. I think it's slightly outdated (a couple of the links don't seem to work) and the sheer amount of midis can also be kind of overwhelming, but it's there anyway. Also vgmusic.com as DynamiteKaitorn says, or mirsoft.info, both for midis ripped from games.

Alternatively, just play through a bunch of wads to hear their music (even just skipping through them), and see if there's any from there that takes your fancy.

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For me, (Ultimate) Doom and ROTT have the best MIDIs in official games; Plutonia 2, 2002ado and Sunlust in wads, and Jimmy's MIDIs.

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Good thread! I haven't checked out some of those.


I have to mention @Crunchynut44's midis. I used some of them in the hellish episode of my megawad, and they fit perfectly. Unique and memorable.

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i've made MIDI music since 2013, and contributed to a number of projects over the years, but i haven't actually compiled everything i've made into a single package yet. i might have to do that at some point.

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