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Rare Hatchiama

What is a good laptop for mapping/modding for Doom?

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I trust that most of you guys are much more computer savvy than I am.  So I ask you all what laptops you're using?  I want the absolute smoothest and most beautiful Doom experience I can get without spending much over $1,500.


I do not have the room for a desktop.

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I can't give you specifics as I've not done the research (that you should be doing anyway), but that seems like a lot more money than you'd need for a laptop that can run GZDoom, SLADE 3 and Ultimate Doom Builder. Check the minimum system requirements for GZDoom and then go a bit above and beyond that. Failing that, find a mid-range gaming laptop and you'll be well over what you need and well within budget.


Oh, and for ease of access to tools, make sure it's running Windows 10.

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