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Mad Dal 85

Difficulty error


Tried creating a new difficulty and I get this when I try it out. It's for GZDoom UDMF.


Anyone any ideas? Slade seems to lack the ability to detect errors so I have load the wad on GZDoom to know where the errors are!Screenshot_7.png


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I think you need a name for the skill block itself, like:


Skill "something"



If that doesn't work, try removing the semicolon in MustConfirm.


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You have to put "skill" and the name of the skill. Eg:

Skill "Total insanity!"{

Name = "Total Insanity!"

AmmoFactor = 2.0

DamageFactor = 1.0

SpawnFilter = "Hard"

TextColor = "Dark Red"


MustConfirm = "This difficulty is as the name suggests;..."



You must also put = in all the properties where you have to assign values; that is, all but DisableCheats

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