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Does the dynamic lighting in this reallife pic look similar?

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There seems to be no transition when on the border between colors,  is it because of them being bulbs?  Is the lighting in zdoom 360 degrees?


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It’s because there’s a corner. Look at the ceiling, there’s a smooth transition between colors on the flat surface there.

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1 hour ago, maxmanium said:


Looks like you were the only one to address him there. Maybe he wants different opinions?

Multiple questions are asked by the OP but then posts a screenshot. I assume he wants a comparison between what GZDoom does with dynamic lights and Real Life does, but this is not clear. Considering he posted it on the ZD forums, i would assume that is indeed about GZ.


There is a lot assumptions in there. Basically what i am trying to say is that OP asks multiple questions in one go but what has priority is a guessing game. :)

1 hour ago, maxmanium said:

Why do you have to comment everywhere?

I have troubles asserting the sincerity of this question.

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I did indeed cross-post to get multiple opinions as maxmanium said.  If you were having a yard sale in your town, wouldn't you post a note on both sides of the river?

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