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Some Doom2 Light Testing

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Hey Guys,

How are all, hope all is well, staying safe ....


    I put together a little video on just a few of my crazy light(s) in Doom2 using various things (lights) by default given by the editor

and some  I made using Dynamic Lights, Some using Sector and Transfer Floor Brightness using a dummy sector. I would like to

know how you guys use lights when lighting your levels using some are all of the above mentioned or something different

post your comments and suggestions here and maybe give some really nice example(s) we all can share as well.  Also

put the wad here as well it is built on GZDoom Builder (bugfix) R3107 64-bit found here https://devbuilds.drdteam.org/gzdbbf/

UDMF Format, running on the latest SVN build of GZDoom found here https://devbuilds.drdteam.org/gzdoom/


  Your game may not look like mine, However  I do run mods on top of my DooM2 yours may vary

like Hi-Rez Texture packs and others. I mostly map in UDMF format bit more freedom on creation.


The Video is on my google drive sorry for the size of file but was as small as I could get it. It was just to

try and explain how and what I did to the lights etc...


Here is .wad file:


Doom2 Light Testing by_dOOmERdaZE.rar

However I am sure there are many different ways to create lights.

These are just a few of mine. :)  Lighting a level nice is rather hard to do IMO

Lighting can make or break a level also IMO


Enjoy! More stuff to come later. :)


Here is video:




Thanks Guys,



..... peace

..... stay safe!

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You seem to have lighting pretty well covered.

I use mainly dynamic lights. From time to time, for my own amusement, I spruce up existing pwads, for example in MAP23 of Paranoiac by Rex







I can't add much:

For sector based lighting try out boris's Lighting Mode plugin for GZDoom Builder.

For glowing eyes use brightmaps.

Edited by Kappes Buur

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Thanks guys for the feedback looked in on the brightmaps

might be a bit over me but may take some work. :)

well I suppose if it is not to complex of lighting etc ...

most should be able to play my levels when done (WIP) :)


maybe someone could create the glowing eyes etc .. :)

or maybe has been done kinda cool effect.

in my plugins folder do not see a Lighting Mode plugin? 32-bit only and is

somewhat old is there a 64bit already compiled to use maybe?


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