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1 map demo wad

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Technically its 3 maps, but im going to call it one since the first two are really short. 

Sorry I forgot to mention this, but in order to play you need GZDOOM version g4.3.3 and you need to use the wad with meta doom. There is also an included Readme file.


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Few things I need to mention.


1 - What engine did you test with? GZDooM and Chocolate DooM both failed to load (I'd try boom but I'd likely get the same results)

2 - Can we please see some screenshots?

3 - The Decorate file doesn't work for GZDooM engine (Again, may work for BooM but no engine above was stated)

4 - MAP00 cannot be read by Chocolate DooM (AKA vanilla DooM) as MAP01 is the default first map.

5 - Can we get a quick description of the map(s)? Are they easy? Hard? Puzzle maps? Slaughter maps? A quick description of what the maps are meant to be helps. :)

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There is an attached readme file

I dont have enough of the wad finished to do much screen shots but I will add some.


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