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[DeHackEd & Sprite] Problem

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Hi guys,
I have a very important question concerning dehacked editing. Before I start: I use ZDoom 1.23 to play my stuff and Wintex/Zeth to produce it. For step 1, I have changed the spectre to yet another chaingunner by copying the attributes and also I have changed a bit on my SS Nazi to fit the sprites on step 2. My DeHacked main part looks like that:

Thing 11 (Chaingun Sargeant)
Bits = 205520902

Thing 14 (Chaingun Major)
ID # = 58
Initial frame = 406
Hit points = 210
First moving frame = 408
Alert sound = 37
Attack sound = 0
Injury frame = 420
Pain chance = 170
Pain sound = 27
Close attack frame = 0
Far attack frame = 416
Death frame = 422
Exploding frame = 429
Death sound = 60
Speed = 8
Width = 1310720
Mass = 100
Action sound = 75
Bits = 71303174
Respawn frame = 435

Thing 24 (Doom Trooper)
Hit points = 80
Alert sound = 37
Death sound = 59

(you could eventually copy this and test it on your own).

In the second step, I changed all the chaingunner x2, x3, x4, x6, x7 and x8 sprites to x2x8, x3x7 and x4x8 to save time and work when I create them. I did the same to the SS NAZI walking sprites and I also gave the SS NAZI new shooting/hurting sprites (also x2x8, x3x4 and x4x8 instead of x0 for all views). As far as I have testet everything, the sprites work without any problems. But now you may ask what my problem is, aren't you!? :) Well, the bad thing about this is, that you can't hear the shooting sound, if the ssnazi/new chaingunner fire. :( Indeed, they are shooting, you see blood, pullet puffs and your health runs out BUT no sound. I hope someone can help me to fix this problem because I'm really pissed off.
If you want me to, I can also upload the wad file with the sprites so you can test it 1:1

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Yes, I tested it now again with my doom2.wad : The ss nazi has no shooting sound :( Does Randy already know that bug and is he going to fix it?!

Nevertheless, this still doesn't explain, y my new chaingunner doesn't shoot :( Also ZDoom?

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I don't know anything at all about dehacked BUT is this right?

Attack sound = 0

Because that is what you have. If it isn't right, that could be your problem. Anyway, the SS Nazi uses the same sound effect as the shotgun.

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Ultimate DooMer is correct. There is a Zdoom beta33 bug that makes the SS Guy silent. Adding the following to your SNDINFO lump should cure the problem:

wolfss/attack dsshotgn

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