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Getting Passable/Semi-Passable Walls


So I'm working on a custom map using Ultimate Doom Builder. At one section of the map, I appear to be getting semi-passable (as in I can get the viewpoint to touch a linedef but I cannot pass beyond, as though the game isn't correctly applying the player's bounds), or outright passable walls solid walls.


I don't have any weird linedef settings. I've been dividing sectors thinking I've got something malformed but I'm just wacking at it unsure what I'm doing wrong. I've culled whole small sections to (the square section in the lower middle) but I appear to still be getting the error.


Map analysis does report anything alarming. I am getting an oversized map error as the play space is in excess 32767 units, but I'm uncertain if that would present a problem on modern ports like GZ Doom?


Thanks in advance for any advice!


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"Oversized map error as the play space is in excess 32767 units"


Okay. This was the issue. I moved my spawner boxes back down closer to the map proper, and that did the trick! Woo!

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