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One long video VS Small parts (+ merge at the end)

What sort of video content do you enjoy the most?  

6 members have voted

  1. 1. What type of video content do you enjoy the most?

    • One long video (don't mind waiting)
    • Small videos/parts (they get uploaded more often)
  2. 2. Which video length is the best for a separate part?

    • 3-5
    • 5-10
    • 10-15
    • 15+

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Let's assume you've subscribed on a person who makes interesting content. For example, an episode of a custom Doom WAD. It takes 1 week to complete it. Would you like to watch a walkthrough of a single map every day, or rather wait for a week and watch the whole walkthrough at once?

And if all the parts get merged at the end, would you like to see a whole video then (like, for the second time)?

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obviously most people would vote for longer videos because of 2 reasons. one involves high production quality, the other, very obscure reason, is our subconsciousness. whenever pleasure is delayed, our desire for it increases exponentially. this makes the payoff seem more worth it than it's value. it's also a way to get women, but we're talking about something important and relevant here

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