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Here are the first three maps of a megawad I am trying to make based on some bizarre music I once found on the databace in my youth. You are expected to jump because it includes enhanced gravity, swimmable liquid, fog, colored lights and even some poly objects. I included the sound effects from Final Doom. I recommend using your own weapons and monsters but it is completely playable by itself.

HUGE thanks to esselfortium and Gothic for directing me to these amazing textures they are really allot of fun to work with. 

I replaced your blank billboard texture with a picture of Gamzee for use in the Dark Carnival that to come on level 9! >:D 



Any suggestions are appreciated, here are some screenshots...  











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A fairly fun set of maps with some really cool level designs. The music tracks are a little odd though.


MAP 01 Is a big, open map with a bit of an adventure feel to it, MAP02 is a spaceport with some rather tricky but fair battles and MAP 3 is mostly the same as 2 (Didn't finish it though so if the screensies is anything to go by, you also fight on Earth?)

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FINALLY finished the fourth level! You gota Jump on these buildings and raid an ancient Egyptian labyrinth, and than you get to raid a future egyptian labyrinth! Lots of secrets in this one, Almost twenty polly objects I made for this including walls of hieroglyphs that may move to block your path. Also I fixed a couple screwed up elevators in map 3.. Fuck I hate elevators.. Anyway, enjoy! Cant wait to get going on the next one! The entire fifth level is going to be in 0.2 gravity so your basically going to be gliding around a enormous over world map. 


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