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Connery Announcer for Zandronum, Odamex CTF, ZDaemon

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Good evening gentlemen and fine ladies,

Yessiree, with all this current downtime and nothing being filmed, one of the most distinguished A-List actors has nothing better to do than lend his voice talents to a wad for Doom.



For Zandronum:


Just put in your announcer subfolder and select him under sound options in Zandronum or whatever port supports announcers.

Delight as one of the greatest actors of all time narrates your collection of powerups, or the lively action of online deathmatch, capture the flag, or Skulltag.


For ZDaemon:


zdaemon -file zconvox.wad

or add it to whatever list of wads to load.

Doesn't announce powerups but will announce suicides and secret areas in single player, aside from all the multiplayer announcements.


For Odamex (Announcer only used for Capture the Flag mode):


odamex -file connerex.wad

or add it to whatever list of wads to load.

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