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Slower paced and chill wads (wads with a story as well)

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im am just looking for what the title suggests chilled out or slower paced doom wads also wads with some sort of decent narrative -blank

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https://jp.itch.io/doom-tourism - This mod allows you to explore ANY maps without having to kill any enemies yourself. Worth a look. (yes, there's -nomonsters, but maps that rely on scripts and whatnot (or any MAP07s) will break. Or if you PrBoom+, just type TNTEM ingame). Have fun walking around slaughtermaps!

Here's a WAD list for use with this mod, btw:

  • Eviternity
  • Darkening EP2
  • Lost Civilization
  • Scythe X
  • Kama Sutra
  • Refracted Reality
  • Sunder
  • Sunlust
  • Entropy
  • Eternal Doom

Similarly, https://jp.itch.io/mr-friendly turns Doom into something akin to Animal Crossing. Same author, btw.


Kill'em with Kindness is a exprimental 1-map wad that's very child friendly and breathtaking overall.


For story-based WADs, A.L.T; Going Down; Hellbound; Doom Resurrection immediately come to my mind. 

Every TCs have some kind of good plot to them. Here's my personal pick:

  • Rekkr
  • Total Chaos
  • Inquisitor 3
  • Blade of Agony

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Foreverhood is a good relaxing, story-based wad. It's more of an experimental art piece than a game. You won't actually fight anything but it has tons of atmosphere.

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That's easy, Hellbound first springs in my mind, and these as well:



Doom 2 Reloaded

Legacy of Heroes

Flashback to Hell

The Journey



Bloody Steel

Alpha Accident

Gods & Guardians (warning, still not the full release)


and I guess you could add Urania only on ITYTD/HNTR, and by extent Adonis.

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I really need to play Hellbound. Everything I’ve heard about it sounds super appealing to me.


The first thing that comes to mind for something more chilled and light-hearted: 



Narrative driven wads are pretty rare as far as I can tell but most of my works are pretty story-heavy by comparison to the average wad, where there is no story at all. Rowdy Rudy’s Revenge, Ray Mohawk, Doomed in Space and UAC Rebellion are all on the easier half of the spectrum, include difficulty settings for those who just want to kill, and feature an overarching narrative.


With Doomed in Space and UAC Rebellion you even get regular text read outs between levels. It’s not Shakespeare, but they’re all cruisy, light hearted and lightly story driven. Seems to match most of what you’re looking for!



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Lilywhite Lilith has probably the chillest theme of any Doom wad ever, although it does get more intense towards the end. The first couple of maps are very relaxing though.

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I did this Heretic mod a few years ago that's more of a story/puzzle thing, although it also has ghosts that reanimate the monsters over time and sometimes the puzzles are a bit obscure. I've got a video walkthrough though.



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